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Index of Arduino articles, tutorials and projects at Starting Electronics.

Starting with Arduino

The Start Electronics Now series of tutorials includes tutorials on getting started in electronics and Arduino. The Arduino tutorials include:

Arduino Circuits for Beginners

Arduino Buzzer Circuit – connect a buzzer to an Arduino.

Connecting a Buzzer to an Arduino Uno – how to directly connect a low power buzzer to an Arduino.

Arduino 3 Colour LED – control a tri-colour LED.

24 LED Knight Rider Display – using an Arduino MEGA.

Arduino Projects for Beginners

Arduino Clap Switch – clap hands to switch an LED on and off.

Moving Light Display Arduino Project – display various light patterns on LEDs.

Arduino Tune Replay Project – play music on an Arduino, press a button to replay the tune.

Dual LED Chaser – an LED chaser with two LEDs on at the same time.

Arduino Projects

Arduino 4 Channel Voltmeter – Arduino LCD voltmeter with 4 channels.

Tiny Stripboard Shield for Arduino – home-made stripboard shield.

Arduino Tiny Temperature Shield Project – build a temperature measurement shield from stripboard.

Arduino Tiny Relay Shield Project – home-made relay shield.

Arduino Ethernet Shield as a Web Server

Arduino Ethernet Shield Web Server Tutorial – multi-part tutorial on how to use an Arduino Ethernet shield as a web server. Control LEDs and read switch values from a web page hosted by an Arduino.

Plugging In and Testing the Arduino Ethernet Shield – test an Ethernet shield to verify that it is working.

Arduino SD Card Testing on Ethernet Shield – test that the SD card slot on an Arduino is working.

Basic Arduino Web Server Code – Arduino web server code that supports html, ico, css, js, jpg, png, gif and plain text files. Use this code as a start for new web server projects.

Arduino Web Server Data Logger – data logging web server.

Two Gauge Arduino Web Server – display two analog values in dial gauges on an Arduino hosted web page.

Web Server with Two Temperature Gauges – Arduino Ethernet web server that displays two temperatures on a web page.

Arduino MEGA Web Server to Control 24 Outputs – Arduino hosts a web page with 24 check-boxes to control 24 LEDs.

How to Connect an Arduino to the Internet – access an Arduino web server from the Internet.

Arduino Data Logging Web Server – log data and display graphs over the Internet with Arduino.

Arduino Internet Voltmeter – Arduino Internet voltmeter with dial gauge, logging and graph using ThingSpeak.

Web Page Text To LCD – send text from a web page to Arduino LCD.

Arduino Ethernet Board Programming and Using – how to program and use the Arduino Ethernet board.

Controlling an LED from an Arduino Web Page Button and a Push Button – how to control the same LED from a physical push button and button on a web page.

Arduino Ethernet Shield as a Web Client

Getting Live Cricket Scores with Arduino – an Arduino and Ethernet shield is used to get live cricket scores from the Internet

Improved Arduino Cricket Score Ticker using SD Card – improved cricket score ticker that uses an SD card.

Save a Web File to the Arduino SD Card – how to use an Arduino to fetch a file from the Internet and save it to an SD card.

Arduino Tutorials and Articles

Choosing an Arduino for Beginners – help and advice for beginners on which Arduino board to start with.

Arduino Uno Burning Bootloader using Atmel Studio – burn a bootloader to an Arduino Uno using Atmel Studio and an AVRISP mkII.

Arduino Uno Burning Bootloader Linux – burn a Bootloader to the Arduino Uno in Linux using a AVRISP mkII.

Arduino Uno Microcontroller Replacement – replace an Arduino Uno microcontroller IC.

Controlling Servos with Arduino – how to control small hobby servo motors from an Arduino.

Battery Powering Arduino Uno – how to power an Arduino from batteries.

Measuring DC Voltage using Arduino – use an Arduino analog pin to measure voltage.

Testing the PCF8563 Real Time Clock IC using Arduino – a test to see if a PCF8563 IC is working.

Differences Between the Original Arduino Uno, R2 and R3 – differences between the original Arduino Uno and later revisions.

Difference Between Arduino and ATmega328 – beginner's article that explains the difference between a ATmega328 AVR and Arduino.

Arduino Programming

Arduino Programming Course – learn to program an Arduino with this multi-part tutorial series.

Installing Arduino Software

Installing Arduino Software in Windows 10 – how to install Arduino software and drivers on Windows 10.

Installing Arduino Software in Windows 7 – how to download and install the Arduino software for Windows 7.

Installing the Latest Arduino Software on Linux – how to install the newest Arduino software in Linux.