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Getting Websites to Display Correctly in Midori on Raspbian for the Raspberry PI

Created on: 4 November 2013

When surfing the net with the Midori web browser found in Raspbian, the Raspberry PI operating system, some websites and web pages may not display correctly.

This problem can be due to the fonts that are available to the web browser. If an exact font match is not found, the web browser will try to use the font set closest to the one specified by the website / web page.

If the fonts do not match exactly, and especially if the substituted font takes up more space that the font used during web design, text may overflow and take up two lines instead of one.

This problem can easily be fixed by installing the MS core fonts.

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Installing the MS Core Fonts

To install the fonts, you will need to have your Raspberry PI connected to the Internet and running the Raspbian operating system.

On the command line, or in a terminal window if running the graphical desktop, enter the following to install the MS core fonts:

sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer

Wait for the fonts to install and then close and re-start the Midori browser. Websites should start looking better now and as the web site designer intended.

The video below shows the font installation and then the Starting Electronics website viewed in the Midori browser before and after the fonts have loaded.

Can't see the video? View on YouTube →