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Start Electronics Now! Part 3:
Beginner's Components

Created on: 27 July 2012

The components that you will need include single-strand solid-core wire, an Arduino Uno board and various electronic parts listed in this article.

Single Strand Wire

If your breadboard was not supplied with wire links, you will need to obtain some single-strand plastic insulated wire (with a solid single core, not multi-stranded). You may need extra wire even if you do have a box of wire links. Preferably the wire will have different coloured insulation, e.g. red, black, blue, yellow, etc.

Breadboard wire links (hookup wire)

Single-stranded Solid-core Wire Made into Various Links for Use on a Breadboard

Arduino Uno Board

Arduino is an open-source project for learning about microcontrollers and programming. Arduino consists of a hardware platform (a circuit board) and a free open-source programming environment used to program the circuit board (a program that runs on the PC).

As a beginner, you will build circuits on a breadboard and connect them to the Arduino board. A program will then be loaded to the Arduino board from a PC via a USB cable. The program running on the Arduino board will operate the connected circuit - e.g. it will flash a light on and off, play a tune and more.

There is more than one type of Arduino board. The beginner's tutorials use the entry-level Arduino board called the Arduino Uno.

You will need a standard USB cable (not the one with miniature connector) to connect the Arduino board to a PC.

An Arduino Uno board and packaging

Arduino Uno Board, Box and Inserts

Arduino related from

Electronic Components

Different electronic parts will be needed for each project. Each project will have a parts list. At the end of this article there will be a shopping list that contains the parts that you will need for the projects (tutorials).

Every circuit needs a power source. Stand alone circuits will be powered by a battery. Circuits interfaced to the Arduino Uno board will be powered from the Arduino Uno which receives its power from a PC's USB port.

Various electronic components

Various Electronic Components

The next part of this article contains a shopping list of electronic parts that you will need to get started with the tutorials.

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