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Start Electronics Now! Part 4:
Beginner's Shopping List

Created on: 27 July 2012

Updated on: 2 November 2012

Part numbers from RS Components have been included in this list as examples as they have branches all over the world. Where the RS Components link leads to the Allied Electronics website, the part numbers are not valid.

Links to parts and tools at have also been included.

You can also search any other electronic component supplier on the Internet using the part name or value.

The RS component stock numbers may be for quantities of 1, 5, 10 or more. First select your country from the main RS component page and then copy and paste the stock number into the search field. Also do your own search on the RS website to see if there are new parts or different quantities available.


1. Breadboard
(RS Components stock number: 748-5300 (breadboard and wire links))


2. Side-cutters
(RS Components stock number: 536-379 or 536-420 or 536-329)


3. Half-round-nose pliers
(RS Components stock number: 536-442 or 536-391 or 536-385)

4. Soldering iron
(RS Components stock number: 604-545 (25W) or 231-5376 (15W, UK plug) or 494-9498 (25W, UK plug) or 231-5398 (18W, UK plug)) These are just some examples of soldering irons, shop around, also buy spare tips, especially chisel tip if not fitted. These are all mains powered irons, 220 to 240V. Be sure to buy a soldering iron that is rated at the correct voltage for your country and has the correct mains plug. Also look at soldering iron stations.

5. Soldering iron stand with cleaning sponge
(RS Components stock number: 431-4139) This is only needed for a stand-alone soldering iron. If you buy a soldering iron station, a stand and cleaning sponge should be included.

From (120V soldering iron stations for USA):

6. Solder wire
(RS Components stock number: 436-4881 (0.5mm) or 295-4814 0.7mm))


Electronic Components for Tutorial 1 to 20

Wire Links and Arduino Related


Qty Part RS Stock No. Notes Type
1 Wire links and/or single core insulated wire 2508748946 or 2508322061 Wire
1 Arduino Uno board 715-4081 Microcontroller board
1 USB cable for use with Arduino Uno board 529-8246 or 529-8252 USB cable



Qty Part RS Stock No. Notes Type
1 1M ohm (1,000,000 ohm) 707-7903 or 136-058 All resistors are 1/4W 5%.

If any value of resistor is not available in 5% tolerance, 1% tolerance can be bought instead.

It is not worth ordering less than 10 of each resistor. You may have to buy packets of resistors that contain more than 10 resistors, depending on how the supplier packages them.
3 100k (100,000 ohm) 135-982 or 707-7824
1 56k (56,000 ohm) 707-7802
2 33k (33,000 ohm) 707-7789 or 135-960
2 22k (22,000 ohm) 707-7779 or 135-954
4 10k (10,000 ohm) 707-7745 or 135-910
1 4k7 (4,700 ohm) 707-7726 or 135-904
6 2k2 (2,200 ohm) 707-7690 or 135-881
1 1k5 (1,500 ohm) 707-7681 or 135-869
1 1k (1000 ohm) 707-7666 or 135-847
8 470 ohm 707-7647 or 135-831
1 330 ohm 707-7622 or 135-825
10 220 ohm 707-7612 or 135-819
1 100 ohm 707-7587 or 135-774
1 47 ohm 707-7568 or 135-768



Qty Part RS Stock No. Notes Type
1 1000uF 547-8199 or 703-7986 or 547-8329 Radial electrolytic

16V or more
1 470uF 547-8313 or 684-1911 or 193-6758 or 711-1299
2 100uF 547-2983 or 193-6809 or 228-6650
2 47uF 193-6714 or 547-8278 or 571-105 or 365-4278
2 33uF 228-6739 or 547-2977 or 475-8876 or 191-7915
2 10uF 547-8098 or 547-8701 or 571-256
2 100n (0.1uF) 538-1310 or 538-1635 or 538-1427 Ceramic
1 10n (0.01uF) 538-1411 or 538-1629 or 538-1180



Qty Part RS Stock No. Notes Type
10 5mm red LEDs Red: 228-5972 (order 2 packs, 5 in a pack)
Green: 228-6004 (order 2 packs, 5 in a pack)
5mm red or green diffused through-hole mounting LEDs. Choose if you want red or green or some of both. Semiconductors
10 3mm red LEDs Red: 228-5916 (order 2 packs, 5 in a pack)
Green: 228-5944 (order 2 packs, 5 in a pack)
3mm red diffused through-hole LEDs.

An alternative to the above 5mm LEDs.

You only need 10 LEDs: either 5mm or 3mm, but if you want to spend some more money, you can get some of both sizes and/or different colours. It is a good idea to keep some spares.
1 5mm white LED 703-1152 A bright white clear LED
2 2N2222 295-028 NPN transistors, metal can package.
Alternate part numbers are:
BC107 (RS Components stock number: 293-527)
BC109 (RS Components stock number: 293-549)
Micro Commercial General Purpose PNP Thru-Hole Transistor TO-92 (Continuous strip of 10)
Fairchild Semiconductor General Purpose PNP Thru-Hole Transistor TO-92 AMMO (Bag of 10)
3 PN2222 or KSP2222 PN2222: 739-0381 or 739-0555
KSP2222: 739-0385
NPN transistors, plastic package
PN2222A PN2222 Transistor NPN 40 Volts 600 mA
microtivity Pack of 4 2N2222 NPN Bipolar Amplifier/Switching Transistors
1 PN2907 739-0492 PNP transistor, plastic package
2 NE555 534-3469 or 714-0994 Timer IC
10 ICs Set of 10 pieces LM555 LM555CN (IC TIMER) (8 pins DIP)
1 IC LM555 Timer IC (8 Pin DIP)
1 MCP9700 403-620 Linear Active Thermistor IC
1 PCF8563P 727-5725 or 483-7288 Real Time Clock IC (RTC)
1 4047 306-651 (HEF4047BP) Monostable/Astable Multivibrator IC
1 4017 306-588 (HEF4017BP) 5-stage johnson decade counter IC
1 PCF8574P 427-770 I/O expander IC
1 74HC595 519-0748 8-bit SIPO shift register IC
1 741 305-311 (UA741CP) 741 op-amp IC
2 1N4148 670-8858 or 671-5477 or 544-3480 Diode
1 7 segment display 235-8812 (green) or 235-8783 (red) Seven-segment LED display, common cathode

Miscellaneous Parts

Qty Part RS Stock No. Notes Type
1 9V battery clip 489-021 9V battery clip to fit 9V battery or battery holder
Parts Express 9V Battery Clip
Battery clip
1 Battery holder for 6 x 1.5V AA cells not available Battery holder for 6 x 1.5V AA cells (to make up 9V).

If using a 9V battery, then the battery holder is not needed.
Philmore Battery Holder for (6) AA with Standard Snap Connector : BH363
Battery holder
1 CR2032 battery holder 745-0938 Only needed if using battery backup on the real time clock (RTC)
1 9V battery or 6 x 1.5V AA cells if using a battery holder Non-rechargeable 9V: 394-9059 Or use a rechargeable battery (below) Battery
1 9V rechargeable battery 504-6095 or 199-646 or 689-5873 Use a non-rechargeable battery (above) OR a rechargeable battery.

If using rechargeable, buy a battery charger: Charger (make sure plug type is suitable for your country!) (RS Components stock number: 517-7795 or 523-9528)
1 CR2032 3V coin battery 597-201 or 457-4757 Only needed if using battery backup on the real time clock (RTC)
1 10k panel-mount potentiometer or 10k preset (trimmer) potentiometer Panel mount: 168-140
Trimmer: 473-473
1 100k trimmer potentiometer 473-590 or 522-2700
1 8 ohm loudspeaker 431-8658 Speaker
1 LDR 596-141 or 455-8036 Light Dependent Resistor, or photoresistor
10 pcs Photo Light Sensitive Resistor Photoresistor Optoresistor 5mm GL5516 5516
10 pcs Photo Light Sensitive Resistor Photoresistor Optoresistor GL5537 5537
1 Piezo disc 724-3162 or 238-000 Piezo transducer
1 Toggle switch 734-7097 Switches
1 Momentary push button switch 479-1390 From
microtivity IM206 6x6x6mm Tact Switch (Pack of 12)
1 LCD 720-0207 This one is different from the one used in the tutorials. It has pins at the top. Be sure to wire this one up from its datasheet available on the RS components page for this LCD. There are lots of other LCDs, this is just one example. LCD, 2 lines by 16 characters
microtivity IM161 LCD Module 1602, White on Blue with Backlight
microtivity IM162 LCD Module 1602, Black on Green with Backlight
Liquid Crystal Display
1 Single in line 16 pin header 668-9687 (for 10) or
681-2449 (for 1 x 18 pin, cut the extra 2 pins off)
Single in line 16 pin header, 2.54mm pin spacing (for LCD) Pin headers
1 32.768kHz watch crystal 478-9268 or 226-1443 or 547-6985 32.768kHz watch crystal (0.032768MHz) Crystals

Other Goodies

Kits and Other Tools




Where to Order Parts

You may have a local electronics shop that can supply some or all of the parts. There are also many on-line shops that you can order parts from.

Things to Consider

Where you order from will depend on price and availability of parts. Also consider postage costs if you are ordering online. Some suppliers may have more expensive parts, but free postage.

If you are ordering parts from another country, you may have to pay import duties or taxes, depending on the laws in your country.

Where to Shop

RS components have branches all over the world.

Mouser is an example of another on-line shop. have many electronic parts, kits and tools.

Use a search engine to find a local or on-line electronics shop near you.

The Arduino Distributors page lists many more electronics shops that sell Arduino boards and probably other electronic parts too.

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