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Geekcreit RGB LED Module Pinout

Created on: 22 January 2018

Pinout for the Geekcreit common cathode Red, Green & Blue (RGB) LED module, from the Geekcreit 37 in 1 sensor module board set kit for Arduino. In some kits this module may be called 3-color LED module.

This pinout is for the Geekcreit RGB LED module with a through-hole mounting LED that has four pins and current limiting resistors on the module. The LED has a common cathode pin and can display red, green or blue depending on which anode pin power is connected to. Different colours can be obtained by switching more than one of the RGB colours on at the same time.

The pinout of the Geekcreit RGB LED module can be seen in the image below.

Geekcreit RGB LED Module Pinout
Geekcreit RGB LED Module Pinout and Circuit

As can be seen in the circuit diagram for this module, the LED module has built-in current limiting resistors on each anode. This means that the module can be used directly with a 5V controller such as any 5V Arduino. The common cathode (-) of the module connects to GND. 5V applied to any of the anodes will then switch that colour on.

RGB LED modules from some kits may have incorrect colours marked on the silkscreen, but still have the same pinout as the image and circuit above. It is always advisable to check your module with a multimeter to make sure that it is using the same pinout as shown.

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