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Arduino Programming Course

Created on: 11 September 2014

Introduction and Requirements

Learn the Arduino programming language and start writing your own sketches.

This Arduino programming course concentrates on teaching the Arduino programming language and consists of a number of different parts, each covering a different topic.

By the end of the course, you will have enough knowledge and confidence to start writing your own sketches for the Arduino.

Course Prerequisites

Before starting, you will need the following hardware and basic Arduino knowledge.

Hardware Requirements

Skills Requirements

Before starting, you will need to know the basics on how to use your Arduino, such as loading new sketches to it and connecting some basic electronic components to it.

The beginner's course in electronics found on this website is a good place to start learning basic electronics and includes some Arduino examples.

At the very minimum, complete starting with Arduino, using the Arduino serial port and some of the projects from ten Arduino projects for absolute beginners.

Software Requirements

You will need the newest Arduino IDE for your platform (available for Linux, Windows and Mac).

This course uses Arduino IDE version 1.0.5 which was the latest version at the time of writing. Version 1.0 or newer should work.

With the above hardware, software and skills, you are ready to start the course.

Use the links below to move to each new part of the course or use the menu on the right.

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