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Digispark Arduino Tutorial Series

Created on: 17 July 2020

Part 1 of the Digispark Arduino Tutorial Series

This tutorial series shows how to set up and program a Digispark ATtiny85 board using the Arduino IDE on both Windows and Linux.

An example of a Digispark and Digispark compatible board can be seen in the image below.

Digispark and compatible board

Hardware Required

The hardware required for following this series of tutorials is:

  • A Digispark or compatible board
  • An electronic breadboard and jumper wires
  • Although the Digispark can plug directly into a USB port, a USB extension cable may be preferred
  • The Digispark compatible board shown at the right of the above image requires a micro USB cable
  • Some basic electronic components, such as LEDs, resistors, etc.