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Starting Electronics – Electronics for Beginners and Beyond

Welcome to Starting Electronics!

What You Will Find Here

The Starting Electronics website contains tutorials, projects, reviews and articles on electronics, embedded systems, microcontrollers, Arduino, Raspberry PI, tools and related topics. Here you will find information for hobbyists and beginners to advanced users.

Electronics for Beginners

Beginners start looking in the beginner's area. A good place to start learning about electronics is the Start Electronics Now! series of tutorials which is an introduction to hobby electronics / breadboard circuits and the Arduino microcontroller board.

Navigating the Site

The website is divided into a number of areas as found on the top horizontal menu. Each area contains articles and / or sub-areas. Areas and sub-areas can be navigated using the vertical menu and will change to suit each area. Icons on the menu will tell you whether a link is to an area or article.

Vertical menu icons have the following meanings:

  • file cabinet – top level area.
  • folder – sub area.
  • multiple pages – multi-part article.
  • single page – single page article or single page of a multi-part article.

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